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Boycott Live Nation

Boycott Live Nation Ticket Sales

I wrote this email to Live Nation about the cancellation of pre-sale of Tickets for the Vancouver Alice In Chains concert:

I use a website which I am sure you are familiar with called As of two weeks ago, they announced that Alice in Chains will be coming to Vancouver, BC on Feb 2nd, 2010.
A week later, which was the last week of November 2009, Live Nation announced that they would be selling pre-sales on their website for the Alice in Chains concert on Thursday, December 3rd 2009.
As stated on the Live Nation website:

“Buy tickets for Alice in Chains at The Orpheum Theatre – Vancouver on 02/02/10 in Vancouver, … 10:00 AM PST; Live Nation Presale On Sale 12/3/2009 10:00 AM PST; Radio Presale On Sale 12/4/2009 10:00 AM PST”

Now as of today, December 2nd, 2009 all presales for the Alice in Chains concert in Vancouver are no longer the case. This is total false advertisement and a marketing ploy to obtain fans information. I signed up to all the Live Nation stuff to make sure that I would get the presale password for the concert.

Also, the site is not Canadian friendly. I even signed up to Section 7, which offers two free concert tickets. It even asks for my postal code, which implies that I can get free tickets to a venue in Canada. Well that is not the case. It is 100% only American venues. Furthermore, I decided what free concerts in the US I could go to with these so called two free tickets of my choice. Not one single venue would allow me to use the access code that I received via email to redeem my tickets.

This is very, very poor marketing. I feel that the Better Business Bureau of Canada needs to be aware of illegal marketing which Live Nation practices. Here are some examples of illegal marketing which is misleading
to consumers like myself:

Now that being said, I will report Live Nation to the proper authorities so they can then protect consumers against misleading or illegal marketing.

I am very, very unimpressed with Live Nation. I will never purchase a ticket through Live Nation again. I will also tell my friends to boycott Live Nation as well. I do go to a lot of concerts, as well as my friends. If experienced the same thing trying to buy pre-sale tickets to Alice In Chains in Vancouver then email the Western Canada Live Nation rep Brittany Riddell at:

Welcome to the site that is sick of how Live Nation and Ticketmaster is a huge monopoly that controls how fans get tickets. Live Nation is the marketing and promoters of almost all major events accross North America and parts of the world. So if you have been wronged at all by the way Live Nation opperates, then join this site and send your message. We all want to hear your bad experiences with Live Nation and/or Ticketmaster. Let your voice be heard.