Boycott Live Nation started after the promised Alice In Chains pre-sale tickets were cancelled for no apparent reason after two weeks of being posted on Live Nation website in November 2009.  On December 2nd, 2009 an email was sent via Facebook stating that in fact there is no pre-sale tickets for Alice In Chains for the Vancouver show. This lead to a huge disappointment for fans alike in Vancouver. Live Nation must be held accountable for generating false hopes of fans that use the Live Nation ticket purchasing service.

There needs to be another source for tickets other then the one, the only giant Live Nation. Join the fight and get involved with us to bring down Live Nation. If we do not use their service and cause them to lose money, they will have no choice but to change their misleading marketing and outrageous hidden service fees. Join forces and fight the ticket monopoly. If bands and fans  boycott Live Nation and Ticketmaster, they will have no choice but to lower service charges, hidden fees, and other non-sense we do not need.