Is the Live Nation ticketing website sneaking a new charge onto tickets on top of their already steep service fees? The New York Daily News alleges that for concerts at New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center, tickets purchased through Live Nation for events at the venue included an additional “$6 parking charge” to each ticket. After fans questioned the concert giant about the additional fee, the new charge disappeared, but the cost of the actual ticket was raised $6 instead.

After the Daily News called Live Nation about the higher cost of the ticket, the $6 parking fee reappeared on the site and ticket price was once again reduced. As of writing this item, the $6 parking fee per ticket is still in place, so even if you walked from New York City to the Holmdel, New Jersey, amphitheater, you’re still paying to park a car. Live Nation said that the $6 has always been incorporated into PNC Bank shows as a “facility fee.”