Are you kidding me Ticketmaster/Livenation? You want me to pay $19.25 per ticket on a $145 ticket? That is crazy. The service charge is 13.27% on top of the ticket price. What exactly does 13.27% get me? Other then the chance at presale tickets, and having to go to the Ticketmaster outlet itself, nothing that I can see. $79 in ticket fees are crazy. We all have to band together and fight these outragous prices. Why should Ticketmaster/Livenation make $288,750 CDN just on service charges for 15,000 tickets. This is just for once concert people. Just think of the millions and millions of dollars that they get in revenue just on service fees alone. There should be laws against this. So boycott Ticketmaster/Livenation as much as possible. If we dont take a stand now, we will stand for nothing later.