I just just took a recent survey from LiveNation.com in regards to the Alice In Chains show on February 2nd, in Vancouver, BC. At the end of the survey, this is what I had to say:

“I think Livenation.com sucks. That is why I created www.boycottlivenation.com . First off you guys are Americans. Do I really want free season tickets to a venue in Seattle? No I doubt it. Since the Alice in Chains concert was in Vancouver, it would be nice that you idiots offered to win free season tickets to a venue in my home city. But no, you stupid Americans cant think outside of your own country. Also, you guys charged $20 in service fees per ticket for this show. Whats up with that? I will continue to boycott livenation as much as possible with my website, buying from non LiveNation or House of Blues owned ticket retailers. Call me lets talk. ***-***-****. Also, the format of the website sucks. It is all geared towards Americans. Why not build a Canadian site too for us since you milk us for ticket fees. Thanks a lot idiots. www.boycottlivenation.com”

Lets see what kind of feed back I get from these guys.