Hell if I know why. I invite someone from Live Nation to comment on these hidden fees. Seriously I do not know how Live Nation can get away with all these ridiculous fees. The DevilDriver show in January 2010 is being sold for $22.50 CDN per ticket. Now here is what Live Nation charges, this is straight from their site.

DevilDriver with Guests CAD $22.50
Convenience Fee CAD $7.55
Order Fee  CAD $4.35
Total Cost CAD $34.40

Now that is a very pricey ticket. What the hell is a convenience and order fee anyway? My guess is that they are charging you to use their site. Is it really that convenient to use their site? Not really when you have to pay $7.55 CDN to use it. What about the ordering fee? You mean to tell me that they charge you an additional $4.35 just to order a ticket? Wow. That is almost a 40% mark up in fees from the original ticket price.

Now check this out. Ticketmaster is cheaper to buy tickets from. So why would you buy them from Live Nation? Who knows. You got to be pretty stupid to spend your hard earned money by buying from Live Nation. Here is the Ticketmaster price. It is a bit better:

DevilDriver with Guests CAD $22.50
Convenience Fee CAD $7.55
Total Cost CAD $30.05

As you can see, you save $ 4.35 when you boycott Live Nation. If you have to buy tickets, buy them from Ticketmaster. Better yet though, is buy them from a local source. In Vancouver, we have an alternative to both ticket monger, like Scrape Records. I almost always buy my tickets through these guys cause, guess what, they do not charge crazy fees for nothing. Here is the price from Scrape Records in Vancouver for the show:

DevilDriver with Guests CAD $22.50
Convenience Fee CAD $2.50
Total Cost CAD $25.00

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Buy from either your local ticket source that is small  like Scrape Records or from Ticketmaster. Boycott Live Nation and their awful ticket prices.