My mother bought some tickets for my cousin (her nefew) for the up coming Guns N’ Roses show in Saskatoon for Christmas. The ticket themselves were $89 each. Well, that was just the begining of the costs. She told me there was an additional $20 each per ticket for services charges and fees. Here is a approximate break down of fees:

  • $12 convenience fee (what a convenience, you have to go and pick up the tickets yourself if you want a hard copy)
  • $3 venue fee (what the hell is this? Isn’t the venue getting paid enough from renting the place for the concert)
  • $5 parking fee (say if you take the bus or walk?)

These fees are ridiculous. What are they exactly for? Are you telling me that the whole $89 per ticket goes straight to the band? I doubt that very much. There should not be additional fees that are hidden from the consumers. They should be included in the price of the ticket. We all need to band together to stop this non-sense. Revolt and find other methods of buying tickets for events that you want to see.

“If we dont take action now, we settle for nothing later.”

– Rage Against The Machine