Well I was going to go to the Cfox Vancouver Seeds party but the service charges are ridiculous. This is what Cfox advertised the event to be:Tickets $14.93 (incl. GST / Plus FMF & Service charges. So with that, one would assume that FMF & service charges are included. Well when I tried to buy tickets, I got this:
CFOX Presale

Ticket Price
CA $14.93 x 1
Facility Charge
CA $1.50 x 1
Convenience Charge
CA $4.80 x 1

Order Processing Fee
CA $5.50x 1

CA $26.73.

Are you guys kidding me? $11.80 in service fees for a $14.93 ticket!!!! Sorry but these charges are crazy. Good luck selling these tickets with the BS service charges you guys charging. I know I am not going because of this. Who’s with me?