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Boycott Live Nation

Boycott Live Nation Ticket Sales

Well The Go-Go’s were supposed to come to Vancouver on August 12, 2011 but apparently not. On Livenation’s Facebook page they claimed that dude to vocal issues, the show has been cancelled. Well, that apparently is not the case. They played live on August 9th, 2011 in Atlanta. Check for yourself:

Go-Go’s Live in Atlanta Aug 9th, 2011

Well I was going to go to the Cfox Vancouver Seeds party but the service charges are ridiculous. This is what Cfox advertised the event to be:Tickets $14.93 (incl. GST / Plus FMF & Service charges. So with that, one would assume that FMF & service charges are included. Well when I tried to buy tickets, I got this:
CFOX Presale

Ticket Price
CA $14.93 x 1
Facility Charge
CA $1.50 x 1
Convenience Charge
CA $4.80 x 1

Order Processing Fee
CA $5.50x 1

CA $26.73.

Are you guys kidding me? $11.80 in service fees for a $14.93 ticket!!!! Sorry but these charges are crazy. Good luck selling these tickets with the BS service charges you guys charging. I know I am not going because of this. Who’s with me?

I found this chart online. Check it out, seams to explain Ticketmaster/Livenation price breakdown quite well:

Ticketmaster Price Breakdown

In this example, of the $20.50 in total service charges,  $8.25 (40%) goes to Ticketmaster and the remaining $12.25 (60%) goes to the venue. The distribution of face value ticket proceeds amongst the artist, label, Ticketmaster and venue would be even more interesting.

Major artists are often able to negotiate cuts of the service fees and/or tickets for their own use or sale. The Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor has eloquently discussed this and the secondary ticket market.

Are you kidding me Ticketmaster/Livenation? You want me to pay $19.25 per ticket on a $145 ticket? That is crazy. The service charge is 13.27% on top of the ticket price. What exactly does 13.27% get me? Other then the chance at presale tickets, and having to go to the Ticketmaster outlet itself, nothing that I can see. $79 in ticket fees are crazy. We all have to band together and fight these outragous prices. Why should Ticketmaster/Livenation make $288,750 CDN just on service charges for 15,000 tickets. This is just for once concert people. Just think of the millions and millions of dollars that they get in revenue just on service fees alone. There should be laws against this. So boycott Ticketmaster/Livenation as much as possible. If we dont take a stand now, we will stand for nothing later.

I just just took a recent survey from in regards to the Alice In Chains show on February 2nd, in Vancouver, BC. At the end of the survey, this is what I had to say:

“I think sucks. That is why I created . First off you guys are Americans. Do I really want free season tickets to a venue in Seattle? No I doubt it. Since the Alice in Chains concert was in Vancouver, it would be nice that you idiots offered to win free season tickets to a venue in my home city. But no, you stupid Americans cant think outside of your own country. Also, you guys charged $20 in service fees per ticket for this show. Whats up with that? I will continue to boycott livenation as much as possible with my website, buying from non LiveNation or House of Blues owned ticket retailers. Call me lets talk. ***-***-****. Also, the format of the website sucks. It is all geared towards Americans. Why not build a Canadian site too for us since you milk us for ticket fees. Thanks a lot idiots.”

Lets see what kind of feed back I get from these guys.

Hell if I know why. I invite someone from Live Nation to comment on these hidden fees. Seriously I do not know how Live Nation can get away with all these ridiculous fees. The DevilDriver show in January 2010 is being sold for $22.50 CDN per ticket. Now here is what Live Nation charges, this is straight from their site.

DevilDriver with Guests CAD $22.50
Convenience Fee CAD $7.55
Order Fee  CAD $4.35
Total Cost CAD $34.40

Now that is a very pricey ticket. What the hell is a convenience and order fee anyway? My guess is that they are charging you to use their site. Is it really that convenient to use their site? Not really when you have to pay $7.55 CDN to use it. What about the ordering fee? You mean to tell me that they charge you an additional $4.35 just to order a ticket? Wow. That is almost a 40% mark up in fees from the original ticket price.

Now check this out. Ticketmaster is cheaper to buy tickets from. So why would you buy them from Live Nation? Who knows. You got to be pretty stupid to spend your hard earned money by buying from Live Nation. Here is the Ticketmaster price. It is a bit better:

DevilDriver with Guests CAD $22.50
Convenience Fee CAD $7.55
Total Cost CAD $30.05

As you can see, you save $ 4.35 when you boycott Live Nation. If you have to buy tickets, buy them from Ticketmaster. Better yet though, is buy them from a local source. In Vancouver, we have an alternative to both ticket monger, like Scrape Records. I almost always buy my tickets through these guys cause, guess what, they do not charge crazy fees for nothing. Here is the price from Scrape Records in Vancouver for the show:

DevilDriver with Guests CAD $22.50
Convenience Fee CAD $2.50
Total Cost CAD $25.00

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Buy from either your local ticket source that is small  like Scrape Records or from Ticketmaster. Boycott Live Nation and their awful ticket prices.

My mother bought some tickets for my cousin (her nefew) for the up coming Guns N’ Roses show in Saskatoon for Christmas. The ticket themselves were $89 each. Well, that was just the begining of the costs. She told me there was an additional $20 each per ticket for services charges and fees. Here is a approximate break down of fees:

  • $12 convenience fee (what a convenience, you have to go and pick up the tickets yourself if you want a hard copy)
  • $3 venue fee (what the hell is this? Isn’t the venue getting paid enough from renting the place for the concert)
  • $5 parking fee (say if you take the bus or walk?)

These fees are ridiculous. What are they exactly for? Are you telling me that the whole $89 per ticket goes straight to the band? I doubt that very much. There should not be additional fees that are hidden from the consumers. They should be included in the price of the ticket. We all need to band together to stop this non-sense. Revolt and find other methods of buying tickets for events that you want to see.

“If we dont take action now, we settle for nothing later.”

– Rage Against The Machine

I finally know what happened to online pre-sales this afternoon for the Alice In Chains concert on the Live Nation site. I interacted with Live Nations Western Canada via Facebook, then email, and finally phone to get the answer I was looking for.

I got the impression from Live Nation Western Canada that Alice In Chains themselves decided that they would not sell pre-sale tickets for the show as of Wednesday, Dec 2nd, 2009. Then I guess there was an agreement either made or decided by the band to sell pre-sale tickets through Cfox , the local rock radio station here and Ticketmaster on Friday, December 4th, 2009.

So did Alice In Chains themselves or their record company boycott Live Nation Western Canada? It sort of sounds that way to me. Although I do not like Live Nation because they are a huge monopoly, I do have to respect the people I spoke with at Live Nation Western Canada through all channels of communication, all the way to the top senior managment. They did try to please me, and answer my questions. I must admit, they were pleasent to deal with. I do however feel that they should not post any pre-sale information on their site until a full contract is made by the record company, the band, and Live Nation. Lets see if Live Nation is listing to what fans and bands alike are saying.

“…the one thing that would make the current ticket situation even worse for the fan than it is now would be Ticketmaster and Live Nation coming up with a single system, thereby returning us to a near monopoly situation in music ticketing”.

– Bruce Springsteen

What a suprise that Live Nation lied to me once again. There really is a pre-sale for the show as they advertised originally on their website for the Alice In Chains concert. This what they said to me in the Live Nation Facebook page:

“Live Nation Western Canada

Thanks a bunch for your input Shawn – I have fired and email off to our site people! Also, I hate to tell you there is NO presales for Alice in Chains. Tickets will just go onsale Saturday at 10am :)”
Well guys, thanks for nothing. If I listened to you, I would never have gotten my pre-sale password from Cfox. Here is my proof:
Alice In Chains

FOX Rocks Club pre-sale will run Friday, December 4th from 10am to 10pm (or while supplies last)


Password: chains

Thanks a lot guys. Just another reason to avoid and boycott Live Nation.

Is the Live Nation ticketing website sneaking a new charge onto tickets on top of their already steep service fees? The New York Daily News alleges that for concerts at New Jersey’s PNC Bank Arts Center, tickets purchased through Live Nation for events at the venue included an additional “$6 parking charge” to each ticket. After fans questioned the concert giant about the additional fee, the new charge disappeared, but the cost of the actual ticket was raised $6 instead.

After the Daily News called Live Nation about the higher cost of the ticket, the $6 parking fee reappeared on the site and ticket price was once again reduced. As of writing this item, the $6 parking fee per ticket is still in place, so even if you walked from New York City to the Holmdel, New Jersey, amphitheater, you’re still paying to park a car. Live Nation said that the $6 has always been incorporated into PNC Bank shows as a “facility fee.”